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National Encampment Training Manual Series

National Encampment Training Manual (NETM) Draft (PDF)
(Download the zipped Word 97 version of the National Encampment Training Manual draft.)

This is a draft copy of the National Encampment Training Manual (NETM), CAPP 52-xx (number TBD). The file is a Winzip self-extracting .exe file, with a Microsoft Word 97 file inside. Click on the title above to download. It is a complete user guide for conducting an encampment. It is intended as a reference, and is not the final version of the document, nor has it been approved by the NEC or National Board in any capacity.

Here is an outline of which chapters of the NETM are Recommended Reading, based on each staff position.

CURRENT AS OF: 1 MAR 2002. (revision date)

Encampment Training Manual- Online Version
Provided is the ETM in an html (online) version- you may read, by chapter, the ETM via this link. Note: this information is not formatted the same as the ETM document, and the content may be not fully up-to-date with the actual ETM document. The attachments are only a "preview" of the actual attachments, and are not meant to be used as forms at an encampment. Use the document for that purpose.

You are brought to the Table of Contents. Note: Chapters 1 and 3, and the attachments are rather large, and may take a minute or two to load.

Basic Cadet Student Workbook
Provided is the Cadet Workbook that is a part of the National Encampment Training Manual series of documents. This workbook is intended to be copied and handed to each cadet for tracking and teaching the academic materials at encampment. This workbook was courtesy of Maj. Todd Mandel, Minnesota Wing 1999 Encampment Commander. I have edited the text to generalize it for any wing. This is in Word 97 format.

28 AUG 00 update adds the Honor Code training pamphlet from the NETM materials.


Basic Cadet Operating Instruction
This document is the last part of the NETM series of documents, and is the handbook that each cadet can carry in their back pocket. Printing instructions: If you have a duplex-capable printer, print double sided and skip the photocopy step. If you don't know what a duplex printer is, or it is not duplex-capable, don't worry and follow the next step. Print the document. Photocopy it 1-to-2-sided once to duplicate it for the masses (1 per cadet plus spares). If you want the cover to be of a different stock (paper type, color, etc.) you can go do what you like. Once copied, you must cut it so it is EXACTLY 6 inches wide. This way, each cadet is issued a "ruler" for their bunks. The margins of the OI are set up so it can be safely cut at 6 inches. This file is also in Word 97 format.


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