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Welcome to the Encampment Staff Resources page! This page includes all of the "regulatory" guidelines- handbooks, pamphlets and Operating Instructions for the general encampment populace. These documents are either wing supplements to the cadet programs manual, or are unofficial (pending official in some cases) manuals/pamphlets. Specific files and information for a staff position can be found in the continuity file. Authors are free to use these materials, as long as proper credit is given for the source of your information.

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National Encampment Training Manual Series

The National Encampment Training Manual (NETM) Series is a collection of documents to aid encampment staffs in the planning and conduct of a Civil Air Patrol encampment. Using the best practices culminated from around the nation, these documents represent the time-and-again proven and repeatedly successful philosophies, techniques, procedures and policies used in CAP's best encampments.

The NETM itself...

The NETM (draft) is a complete user guide for conducting an encampment. This document is being test driven by National HQ for eventual approval as a CAP Pamphlet (CAPP 52-xx, number TBD), and is available here for your use. It is a reference draft, and not the final or an official version of the document. The NETM has not been approved by the NEC or National Board in any offical capacity.

The NETM features:

  • Position/job descriptions for every cadet and senior, with examples
  • Encampment Staff Selection and Planning Workshop (both pre-encampment) guidelines
  • In-depth look at training philosophies
  • Ideas for encampment activities/"themes"
  • Physical Training (PT) procedure, spelled out once and for all
  • Common encampment medical issues and how to handle them
  • Sample inspection forms, checklists, packing list, and formation procedure
  • Guide for TAC Officers
  • Outline of mentoring program at encampment (and how it works for NYWG)
Adobe PDF | ZIPped Word Doc
As a web page (Link to table of contents; old version)

Basic Cadet Operating Instruction

The Basic Cadet Operating Instruction is a cadet's personal encampment instruction book. It contains all the rules, regulations, procedures and general knowledge an in-flight cadet must know to function and succeed at encampment. It is formatted to fit easily in the pocket of the BDU's or blues so the cadet may have a copy of the general encampment rules on hand. The rules are generic to apply to all wing encampments, but specific enough to remain useful. Included is space for notes to include any additional instructions or study materials specific to your wing's encampment.

The document is formatted to be cut at exactly 6 inches in length. This is so every cadet at encampment has a 6" ruler issued to them to help them make their bunks. This eliminates the need for flight staff to keep track of a handful of rulers passed around their flight.

To print this document, you must use a 2-sided capable printer. A copy service, such as Kinkos or Staples, will have this capability if you do not. Print the document as-is, in 2-sided format. The pages are ordered in such a way that when you stack your 2-sided printout, and fold along the center margin, the booklet is in numbered order.

The instructions for printing:
1. Print 2-sided.
2. Cut the printed sheet 6" from the top margin
3. Fold along the center (keeping the pages in order)
4. Staple in the center.
5. Issue booklet to cadet.

Download MS Word Doc version here.

Basic Cadet Workbook

The Basic Cadet Workbook is an integral part of the NETM series of documents. It is an interactive workbook for each cadet in flight to help them learn the basic academic materials taught at encampment. This workbook will also aid cadets in improving their written test scores, provided an encampment written test is administered at the start and finish of the encampment.
MS Word Doc

Recommended Reading by Position

The Recommended Reading document outlines suggested chapters to read based on your duty at encampment. It is helpful for those wishing to target the specific chapters of the NETM that pertain to their particular encampment duty. It is differentiated between cadets and seniors as well.
MS Word Doc

New York Wing Inspection Standard

The New York Wing Inspection Standard outlines the scoring methods and criteria for encampment barracks, drill, knowledge and uniform inspections. This document ends the constant and repeated re-work for the Stan/Eval Team or command staff to create an inspection scoring system. It is based on the training goals of the ETM. The standard allows for flexibility and choice based on specific conditions at your encampment (such as is it open bay or two-person rooms).

Using the inspection standard over multiple years allows staffs to compare apples to apples from previous encampments, giving a measure of whether the program is improving year over year or not. It also enables command staff to motivate their cadets to be the "best ever", allowing for a true comparison to other encampments.


Adobe PDF | ZIPped Word Doc

Encampment Management Program & Database

The Encampment Management Program is a MS Access database which substantially aids the administration of encampment. It handles all personnel records associated with the activity, including medical and financial. It features:
  • Automatic P-1 report
  • Automatic MSA report
  • Automatic CAPF-7 report
  • Financial reports, including money paid and owed, and total funds collected
  • Certificate of Accomplishment template, to give to base support personnel and helpful CAP members
  • Sign in/out reports for in/out-processing. These allow cadets to run the inprocessing.
  • Label report to print on label sheet to aid in issuing yearbooks, t-shirts, or workbooks and OI's(see NETM section above).
  • Staff listing report to publish on website + email.
  • Attendee report, by home group/squadron, and by assigned flight
  • Automatic welcome and acceptance letters, addressed to all attendees
  • Uses CAPWATCH database to display pertinent information
  • Much more!!!

To sum up, it's an enormous timesaver!!! Since its use at NYWG encampment in 1999, the administration staff went from 6 (plus two seniors) needed to manage 120 personnel records to 3 (plus one senior) needed to manage 337 personnel records.

Get more done with fewer resources.

Download it at

Flight Commander's Handbook

The Flight Commander's Handbook (FCHB) is a practical leadership guide for cadet flight commanders. Included are example scenarios, tips and techniques to handle common issues, and a detailed look at what being a flight commander (and sergeant) is all about. Included are example inspection forms, a guide to day-to-day operations and a 1-page guidon bearer drill "cheat sheet" (this guide (no pun intended) is used in NYWG's guidon class, taught to all cadets).

The handbook also deals with applying the training guide (from the NETM, see above) to the flight, giving specific examples of how the training philosophy can be implemented. It also outlines how the in-flight positions work, from the perspective of the flight staff.

This document is also good for squadron commanders, the deputy cadet commander and TAC Officers to gain perspective on how to coach flight commanders. Included is a link to a MS Powerpoint presentation for these people to outline the document to flight commanders during the staff skills training weekend.


Adobe PDF | FCHB Briefing (Powerpoint)

Download Instructions for the file formats found here.

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