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The purpose of this page is to put an end to the consistently inconsistent pass-in-reviews conducted at encampment. The common experience is the staff had to 'relearn' the drill manual each year, and made different interpretations and customizations. This results in very different pass in reviews! Hopefully, this online guide will make teaching and doing the pass in review so easy, that your encampment staff will merely have to read a script- without the senior cadet staff and/or senior staff having to re-invent it each year.

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Step 1: Setup

The first step before choosing your script is setting up the parade field. This page is a guide to aid your encampment in the setup process. Be sure to read the definitions below on this page before starting here.

Step 2: Choose your Script

Once you've gone through step 1, choose your script based on your size. Scripts include music selections.

Step 3: Train

Tips and techniques to help train the staff and in-flight cadets on the pass in review procedure.

Step 4: Parade Day

Helpful information on what needs to happen on the day of the pass in review- how to handle guests, the cadets, etc.

The scripts and documents contained within use various descriptions of groupings as they relate to the pass in review. These are the members of these groupings:

Senior Member Coordinator Senior Member who is the primary pass in review teacher/mentor. Usually the Commandant of Cadets. Does the detailed trainig and setup work with the cadet staff. Can be more than one person.
Setup Staff Senior Member Coordinator, C/CC, Adjutant, person setting up public announcement system, one or two other volunteers.
Adjutant Cadet staff member identified as the Adjutant. Usually the Cadet Executive Officer. Performs all commands and actions in the parade sequence where the Adjutant is identified.
Pass in Review Staff Senior Member Coordinator, C/CC, C/DCC, Adjutant, person setting up public announcement system, group commanders (for Cat. III only), squadron commanders (for Cat. II and III), flight commanders, all flight and higher echelon guidon bearers, color guard.
All participants The entire Pass in Review Staff, flight sergeants, first sergeant(s), in-flight cadets, executive staff, senior staffs (if participating)

Continuously under construction- last updated 2 OCT 2000.

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