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This page is for any encampment staff to use. The goal is to have a complete repository of encampment policies, plans, sample work and encampment ideas. The documents contained within are a culmination of 10+ years of work at encampments, with continuity folders written by prior encampment staffs.

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26 Apr 07
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Submit your documents!

Do you have some encampment documents, letters, notices, announcements, policies, information packets, notes or spreadsheets? Submit these "artifacts" of your encampment, regardless of wing, to val_n_andy[at]hotmail[dot]com and it will be reviewed and added to the continuity file. Be sure to include some comments in your email about where you're from, what the document is, etc., to help categorize it and give proper credit.


Please send to val_n_andy[at]hotmail[dot]com in any format- we can arrange for hardcopies to be mailed. Any thing, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, is useful.

National Encampment Training Manual

Most of the current how-to information for each staff position is contained here. Click here for the download instructions page.

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